In my childhood I spent many hours in artists’ studios. I learnt the basics of ceramics, of designing for fabric, of printmaking and especially of painting and drawing in those studios. After studying sculpture at art school, I emigrated from the UK to southern France. I worked in artistic direction and brand development, almost exclusively for ‘L’Occitane En Provence’ during the years of its successful expansion across the world. In 1994 -1996 I ran a cultural centre in Colombo, Sri Lanka, for the fair-trade company ‘Barefoot’. I continued to create art and travelled to many exotic destinations for work, but felt most drawn to and inspired by the Far East.

In 2003 I became a full-time professional painter, dedicated to my art. Inspired by philosophies of the East and imbued with the subtle influences of my local landscape, my painting’s themes turn around the spiritual and physical experience of being human.  My work is graphic and gestural, using symbols, colour and rhythm. I experiment with media, techniques and formats. I held my debut US exhibition in NYC in 2008, and exhibit in London, the UK and in the South of France regularly. My works, acquired by collectors from many countries around the world, have also been published in interior design magazines.

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Jessica Langton

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