artist's statement

“All the elements that make up my life are bound tightly into the process of making art, and the art work is a life long journey of questions, discovery, challenge and action. The process takes a life time. While the world frenetically spins around me and time accelerates, my connection to my life, my environment, my friends, deepens and moves more and more slowly. Here in the Camargue I stand rooted like a tree, watching the soaring birds, the wind-blown grasses, the breaking waves, and in my mind’s eye a vast three-dimensional, light-filled space exists, in which pulsing, floating forms catch at ever thinner and fainter threads and traces; where lines of contact or connection are always moving. This electric, vibrant, chaotic mass of energy dances around me. In contemplation, in slowing down and taking time, I begin to see the calmness, the solace and stillness emerge. My images grow in symbolic meaning and take on iconic form. Shapes in space open up and blossom, flourish, and there is connection through sexuality or sensuality to another, to people, to the environment.”

© 2020 all works and photographs

Jessica Langton

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