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‘Images & Identités’ in the studio, August 2020

Portrait photograph of international visual artist Jessica Langton in her Mediterranean studio in the south of France
one of a series of new small paintings called 'Summer Blues' created by international visual artist Jessica Langton in her Mediterranean studio in the south of France

The full array of blues in all their splendour and joy is the true colour of summer in the Mediterranean. Whereever I look, be it at the Morning Glory, Plumbago or Agapanthus flowers outside the studio window; the cerulean or cobalt skies; the aquamarine and ultramarine sea; the turquoise water of the swimming-pool; the indigo evenings starting to draw in already...


Blue is the colour of a Mediterranean summer.

Here's me in the studio, July 31st 2020

Summer in the studio.

A series of small studies is in progress...


Made from all the blues in inks, acrylics, watercolours and mixed dry media on watercolour papers and a new-to-me acrylic surface. One is permeable and absorbs light and colour-washes, the other totally resilient. The washes of paint and ink penetrate or lie on the surface. Varnishes and shellac inks separate from the watercolours. Multiple layers create a sense of depth.

Meanwhile some new ideas are in progress, with a roll-out programmed for the 'Rentrée' this autumn.


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Customer & Collector Commentaries...

“It was wonderful to meet you and I am THRILLED with my new acquisitions. I have been daydreaming about them ever since.” “Everything arrived in perfect condition. I love them EVEN more now that I see them here. The colours are just perfect. They could all work in many different locations…. will be hard to decide!”

Julian, Toronto, Canada. “Madrid studies and Breaking Through” After a studio visit, email.

“Nous te remercions beaucoup pour ces très belles photos et nous avons vraiment hâte de voir ces toiles en vrai. C’est très beau et elles correspondent déjà à ce que nous souhaitions.”  “Un Grand Merci pour ces beaux tableaux. C’est tout à fait ce que j’aime et je les trouve parfait !! Ils vont être du plus bel effet une fois accrochés…”

Colette, Toulon, France. “Commissioned diptych Red Flower” Studio visit, website and email.

“That is looking awesome! I’m really excited to see them (and have started a bit of idle daydreaming about wall space & hanging. Which I know is premature, but part of the fun).” “Finally able to pick up the piece this morning, and it’s got pride of place on my living room wall. I’m delighted.”

Jack, London UK. ‘Small Dark Flowers and a commissioned piece.” Website and email.

“Very positive and very helpful.”  

Rob, Manchester, UK. “Commissioned works”  Website and email.

“Artwork safely received - packaging excellent. It is beautiful.”

Sandy, Dubai.’ “Ink Heart” Website and email.

I absolutely love what you do…You've got this amazing ability to work in 3D throughout the creative process. I'm mesmerised. It's not a canvas - it's a space or a realm where elements are becoming.” “No.9 has brought me great joy and energy over the last couple of days. I have been studying it so much and have even made it the cover of my iPhone - so that I can have the pleasure of looking at it every day. It is so interesting the kind of relationships we build with certain things we see…I also sense the painting on a deeper level. There is something really special about the power and fragility that you have - I want to say captured but that is a contradiction - unleashed and set free on the canvas.” “Just to let you know I had a really quick look at the painting and I’m IN LOVE!!!! ”  “I have put the painting up in my bedroom and I love it. I initially set out to stretch the canvas over a frame, but decided to nail it up on the wall instead, which works really well! I think I might leave it like that as it looks really 'effortless' in a way. “

Nabil, Sheffield, UK. “Seeing Black, No. 9” Recommended by a collector, website and email.

“What I'd like to do is buy ‘Jardin Secret’ series, No. 3. I I love it, and it's going to be very easy to incorporate it into my life and the space I live in. I will then take up your fabulously generous offer of creating me a picture that's bespoke. That is unbelievably exciting.” “It was expertly packed! I couldn't resist completely unwrapping last night, and I love it. I'm very pleased I did this- thank you”

Jane, Sydney, Australia.’ “Jardin Secret collage, No. 3”  Website and FaceBook.

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