Together we can start to build a strong and individual story: the one that suits you best. Your story.

Jessica Langton

storytelling techniques - finding the narrative

Finding and recounting in pictures, words and actions,

the story which makes your territory, region,

product, project or professional identity special.


coordination of international projects

and international relations

consultancy, coaching and creation

in online identity building, and social media strategies

for creatives, artists and entrepreneurs

strengthening, enhancing and empowering

Selecting the existing successes and strengths of your project,

product or professional identity and enhancing their value,

by creating a new cohesive narrative

for national or international deployment

selected recent missions :

Consulting and website creation, creation of visual content,

development of their social network identity. USA 2021

for production and publishing company of audiobooks

Consultation, translation and promotional text development, for a supplier of arts materials. FR 2020

Consulting and website creation, visual content creation for American actress,

development of her social network identity. USA 2020

Illustrations commission for packaging of a range of products. UK 2020

The development of a commercial project to promote the region and create jobs:

creation of the initial project proposal accompanied by a plan of specific development for a local site of 25 hectares.

For the CC and the département. 2019

A solid balance between rigorous and structured management & innovative creativity

Based in the centre of Mediterranean France,

I have worked for French, British and American & Asian companies, as well as for multinationals.

In the definition of your strategy and creating a plan for carrying out an action:

I can adapt a communication campaign to its target, and promote the economic and strategic interests of your company or your project.

I offer a strong ability to research and analyse information about a product, a brand -  and I verify the reliability of my information.

I can provide solid, structured but creative and original support to your in-house team in their communication actions.

I know how to develop and lead a network of partners, suppliers or service providers. I can help you develop a portfolio of customers and prospects. 


I can design and produce visual supports: websites, leaflets, booklets, presentation documents, catalogues, press reviews, videos, photographs, books.

I can write you copy for social media content, magazine articles, websites, press kits; I can write you a press release, a speech in English or French or translate.

I can organize events, receptions, seminars, promotional events, campaigns.

mural painting
early manual for LOccitane
specific drawings
text and format
shelf talkers
sketch for manual
conception et realisiation
application on site
conception des meubles
Key UK store
Key Australian store, Sydney
interior Sydney
one of LOccitanes first stores
image development
early key store for L'Occitane in Paris
interior Paris
furniture selected & adapted for L'Occ
beginning to design the furniture...
project presentation document
project update
proposition document
project proposal
poster design
brand design
website development
shelf talkers text and style
depliant, leaflet
hand painted element
in action
packaging illustration and layout proposal
packaging illustration
demo painting for brand decor
brand decor
brand decor
private commission
British Gas interior design decor
British Gas interior project
brand logo inspired interior decoration project
Brand logo inspired artworks
brand logo inspired artwork
private commission
Early L'Occitane mural
early murals for stores
Peopling the L'Occitane brand
Mural for boutique wall
Painted Portraits from photos.
Portrait from photo document
commissioned inks
commissioned ink circles
a lavender heart
in the studio
corporate logo
logo design
packaging design for your products

some of my clients over the years:

L’Occitane SA  and  L’Occitane worldwide

Oliviers & Co.  FR

Alter Eco  FR

Pangea Marketing, London.  UK

Région PACA,  FR

Région Occitanie  FR

Communauté de Communes RVV   FR

MS Evénement  FR

James Langton Audiobooks  USA

NordSud Art Direction  FR

Poisson Soluble  FR

Rob Oldfield Design  UK

Barefoot  Sri Lanka

CoolGraySeven  USA  FR

Atelier Face UK

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Jessica Langton

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British Gas interior design decor

commissioned 4 piece project to enhance an interior design project for the main office lobby