The Individual, Professional

or Small Business ‘Image’:

Consultancy,  or as a freelance mission


Specializing in coaching, guiding and taking action in the development of a personalized professional image. Developing the values, the philosophy, the message, the goal, the appearance, the qualities we want to enhance and clarify. Working closely in collaboration with the client, for example:

developing a personal language

through visual images:

‘ S E R E N I T Y ’

a   p l a c e    t  o    t h i n k    c r e a t i v e l y

musicians, writers, painters, ceramicists and other artists and craftsmen, on


  • text

  • photography

  • video

  • communication & marketing development

  • website design, building

  • blog creation and maintenance

  • maintenance and elaboration of social networking

  • logo design

  • poster, leaflet design

  • promotional events, conception, production

professionals working in well-being , yoga and other holistic healthcare fields, on


  • marketing strategies

  • personalised workspace/ studio creation,

  • furnishing and furniture, sourcing or designing, creation and installation

  • creation of photographic and painted elements, unique artworks

  • promotional event conception, management

  • photography,

  • work book creation

  • website

hotels & vacation rentals owners, tourist based businesses, on


  • openings

  • promotional leaflets

  • events

  • renovations

  • interior design

  • website

  • consultancy in initial implementation

  • on-site development during first summer season

'S E R E N I T Y'

 commissioned video artwork in building professional identities

small promotion films and videos,

clips destined for websites, Youtube etc.

  • conception

  • filming

  • production

  • editing

Developing A Personal Language Through Text:

Consultation, coaching, and conception of written drafts of texts destined for publication, journalism, communication, brand philosophy, bios, blogs, thesis development

  • structuring, composition

  • editing, revision

  • translation, English and French languages.

Development of promotional events:

  • seasonal strategies for promotion, calendar of events

  • one-off events promoting core values and increasing brand or identity awareness

  • creation of short training programmes, e.g. training in brand philosophy, training in sales, workshops

  • competitions, prizes, interactive websites

  • themed holiday or week-end activities

  • concerts, film projections, exhibitions

'S E R E N I T Y'

 commissioned text development  in building professional identities

'S E R E N I T Y'

 commissioned events

building professional identities

Development of Corporate, Association

or Brand Image:

Consultancy,  or as a freelance mission


Specializing in independent consultancy in art direction and brand development for businesses or organisations whose identities grow out of a respect for regional traditions, local production, community stories, yet hold key universal values that are expressed in socio-political action.

  • developing a visual and written language to best express the philosophy, the original personality & appearance of the brand 

  • choice of materials, colours, style

  • creation of a logo, signage, posters, website

  • establishing a design brief and production specifications. Following the development of samples and prototypes, design & architectural drawings, choice of building and furniture materials, in consultation with experts and suppliers

developing a personal language

through visual images:

‘ S E R E N I T Y ’

a   p l a c e    t  o    t h i n k    c r e a t i v e l y

'S E R E N I T Y'

building professional

Corporate, Association or Brand  identities

Communication & marketing strategies:

  • development of basic communication strategy, key values, key words, key ideas, key moments.

  • development of an enduring core identity, visual and written language

  • maintenance and development of social networking

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Photo session of audiobook reading

A commissioned session of action photos, of the narrator, taken specifically to use in website context