‘ S E R E N I T Y ’

a   p l a c e    t  o    t h i n k    c r e a t i v e l y


the applied arts & image evolution

developing a personal language

through visual images:

'S E R E N I T Y'

 commissioned graphic artwork

'S E R E N I T Y'

commissioned professional &  brand image development

'S E R E N I T Y'

 commissioned painting

'S E R E N I T Y'

 commissioned photography

'S E R E N I T Y'

small business, individual professional identity building

using text, visual communications, design, website and networking

'S E R E N I T Y'

developing corporate, association, 



‘Serenity’s on-line and on-land space since 2014

promoting and selling

small affordable artworks,

exhibitions, online gallery installations,

event management,

corporate commissions

& the applied arts

15 Rue Fanfonne Guillierme

30660 Gallargues- Le -Montueux


Contact: 04 66 35 57 96

06 75 61 02 54

‘ S E R E N I T Y ’

a   s p a c e    t  o    be   c r e a t i v e 

© 2020 all artworks, texts, images and photographs

Jessica Langton

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