Inspired by photographs taken during a visit to Giverny, Monet’s magical and spiritual garden, this series of work has led me to explore new techniques and materials in my work. It is an interesting combination of the use of digital technologies and getting out the old scissors, paper and glue. Cut up giant photocopies are layered with varnishes, gold washes and paints, creating decorative images with nuances of chinoiserie, touches of the figurative and the essence of flowers and plants. In these works I am trying, much like a sculptor carving at stone or wood, to gradually reveal the joyful and sometimes surprising rhythms and patterns hidden in the original images, and to reveal the art of abstraction. In each new year of work on this project I find that I am drawn towards making these works more and more sculptural. The layers are not peeled or carved away but are beginning to emerge and multiply.

© 2020 all artworks, texts, images and photographs

Jessica Langton

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