Horizons Series, 2012 -2014

This series of work, at first inspired by the idea of the Elysian Fields of ancient Greek philosophy,   also speaks of the way the current of life is cut and crossed by haphazard events and extraordinary experiences. These marks, creating a rhythmic pattern advancing across the work, like notes in music, echo images of windblown grasses and reeds by the salt lakes and seaside of the Camargue. Initially, though, the landscape that inspired me was a wintry one, looking out from the back door of my brother’s home in New Jersey. I rested my eye on the monochrome landscape in front of me, which looked like a sheet of handwritten music. The rolling slopes of the golf-course were icy and snow-covered. Early morning mist lay in the folds. I looked through the black bars of the garden fence, towards the dark vertical tree trucks cutting the horizon, thinking about rhythm and music, but also about being inside and being outside; the barriers we construct to give each one form and definition, the resulting inclusion and the exclusion. I began to develop a series of small works, a mixture of washes and textured monoprinting: developing contrasts between absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces and between wet washes and drier graphic mark-making. Moving away from references to landscape, the ‘Horizons’ series entered into its second year of development in a purely abstract conception of multiple horizons broken by rhythmic mark-making. Illusions of space and depth are created in these studies through the use of brighter colour and tonal contrast, and drawn rhythmic patterns revealed through, or muted by, the washes of colour.

© 2020 all works and photographs

Jessica Langton

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