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Developing a Communications Project during the 'Confinement' March April and beyond, 2020

Ironically the best thoughts about communications of any form, and perhaps the best quality of communication is made during a period of lockdown, when communications, socializing and connections are so much more complicated, so much rarer, so difficult, so important. Haven't you noticed how wonderful it is now the phone ONLY rings when someone you know and probably love is trying to contact you? No more ads. Into the silence pour the clear, clean notes of a new melody.

Into the emptiness of my solitary confinement drop sporadic crystal-pure idea bubbles of creativity.

I have made three small films about the progress of the painting in my studio so far. But my mind races forward in the consideration of new possibilities that are opening themselves in this extraordinary period of profound change.

The visual arts form a rich, diverse and ancient language. Language is for communication. The art language is mostly a monologue. Perfect in lockdown, one might think. But a language only comes into existence outside of ourselves when an idea or a thought or an emotion is shared with someone else.

I have been much absorbed by artists working on sound-healing. I was very interested to see that my arts supplies store had run out of much, much more stock, of all colours of the rainbow in all their paint selection for example... and so many are turning to creative actions and manual activities as therapy, and as pleasure, and as pastimes, during this extraordinary pause in contemporary society...

I was wondering myself, as a painter and a creator, how one could develop painting as a form of sense-healing... maybe the basis for new directions in my work.

Here are the videos of the painting I'm currently making, so far:

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