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The Third Part. New video clip...

Hello from a cooler wet south of France, where it is really raining and the lanes are full of deep puddles, the plants quenched and the crops replenished... still warm and moist and verdant, and a delight to walk in each day. My time outside, an hour daily, in my solitary confinement here.

This is the third part of my series following the creation of a painting ... documented along the way, and reassembled in a YouTube clip. There will be a fourth clip, no doubt, and I had some ideas about actually bringing this picture to its conclusion while I was out walking just now.

Right at the beginning, and far towards the conclusion, I find I need time and space and privacy to think and act. Filming is great, and I often forget that I am filming when I really get into the work... but there is something intimate and exclusive about beginnings and endings with a piece of art... it is, after all, a relationship... and the last days together tend to take place behind closed doors.

Maybe solitary confinement here has made me even crazier than usual, certainly more sensitive and spikey.

I dream of a next chapter, one which is oh so much better than 'normal', please.

Hope you continue well and okay...

See you soon


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This is the code for this film:


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